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Remember, feeling doubtful about yourself, your skills, and your business is NOT the mentality that will get you to your next level. Indecision IS a decision. And it’s the worst decision. What you dream of is entirely possible. It’s actually so very close.

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Who is this for?

Systems to Six-Figure Success is designed for early to mid stage photographers who are serious about taking their photography business to the next level and consistently making $10K+ a month. This program is for those who are willing to work hard, but also realize your career should not crush your soul. If you believe it is possible to build a thriving photography business by using your time and skills wisely and leaning into areas that matter most, this is exactly what you will learn in my program. 

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What if I haven’t launched my photography business yet?

My program is specifically for photographers who have at least 5 weddings under their belt. That being said, I know how hard it is to start something new, and how impossible it feels to find a coach that resonates with you. If something I am saying rings true to you even as a new photographer, you can contact me to see how we can work together. 

How long is this program?

This is a 12-week hands on program. You will get access to videos, scripts, actual sales calls, and tons of other never-before-seen resources that took me years to build. We will have weekly Zoom sessions to go over the materials and you can ask me any questions that are specific to your business so we can come up with custom solutions that are anything but cookie-cutter. 

When can I expect to see results?

Most clients see results within 6 months or less. But your results and how soon you experience those results will be completely up to you. But I can tell you that my students who commit to their next-level self will have the resources and knowledge to build the wedding photography business of their dreams. 

Can I still serve my clients while I’m in this program?

Absolutely! You’ll actually be excited to put what you’re learning into practice. It’s amazing and so inspiring to see real results in real time. This program covers various stages of the client journey so you will be able to implement your new skills at the right time. 

Is this a course or a membership?

It’s a little bit of both. There is a full curriculum and one-on-one coaching.

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