$10K months in 2024!! Let's go!

It's time to say goodbye to that struggle for good! Let us help you attract quality leads, close couples, and get on the path to $10K months -- even if it feels out of reach.

Do you ever wonder where your next client is coming from?


Either way, it's a hard place to be, and we want to help.

Or how about feeling like "I NEED THIS TO WORK!!!!" because you've already left your 9-5 and need income, like right now?

Thinking about throwing in the towel on your wedding business?

Truth Talk

All resulting in you undercharging and feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

I want to help you change that!

  • You think you need tons of experience before you can be "taken seriously" or charge higher rates

  • You're posting content 3x a day on IG or your blog

  • You're doing *a lot* of services for free

  • You're networking in free Facebook Groups

  • You're assisting a "pro" for $50/hr or less

if this sounds familiar...

Let me know

I haven't "hunted" for clients in over 7 years.

I used to be scared AF during sales calls, but now, I love them.

I am someone who transformed a fledgling idea into a six-figure award-winning business and became known as a booked out wedding photographer in Los Angeles, one of the most competitive wedding markets out there.

And now, I am determined to create this rewarding experience for others who may be struggling with the marketing and sales side of their wedding business.

I'm Carissa, and I want to help you change the trajectory of your wedding business. 

What you need a proven strategy and system that actually works for you. 

Hitting your income goals is not gonna happen if you're giving your services away or constantly offering discounts.

Not to mention, the wedding industry is packed these days—thank you, post-pandemic boom. Competition is more fierce than ever.

But posting on Instagram or throwing up a message in free Facebook groups isn't going to give you the steady income you need to quit your day job.

So what should you do?

First off, stop tossing ideas out randomly and hoping something sticks. Trust me, it won't.

But here's the thing...

This is my PROVEN step-by-step system that will help you get clear on your messaging, get on preferred venue vendor lists (the Holy Grail of lists), get a booking rate of up to 90%, and fall in love with your business all over again.

Your all access pass to more leads and more sales

A Complete Marketing System for the wedding professional who is ready to 1) secure their brand position, 2) generate 5-10 high-quality leads per month, and 3) finally start scaling to $10K months.

And that’s why I’m so excited to let you in on my signature program... 

The Heck Yes Triple Threat

drumroll please

You'll establish expertise and emotionally connect with your couples using our propriety sales system tailored for your brand so you can close couples in 48 hrs.


We'll help you create a Custom On-Brand Marketing Asset that will impress venue managers so you can secure a spot on vendor lists across your city.

Generate Leads Through Vendors

We'll revamp your messaging and brand voice. Walk away with a transformed homepage, complete with a powerful brand position, keywords, descriptions, bios, and more.


My team and I will help you create everything. We'll then show you exactly how to use these materials to attract high-quality leads and close the couple within 48 hours 🤩

And we'll do it in these three phases:

Master Messaging, Attract Leads, and Book Couples 

The HECK YES TRIPLE THREAT is designed to Help Wedding Pros...

But let me share why I think you should go with us ❤️️

No matter how you slice it, to attract consistent leads and secure sales in our industry, you absolutely need...

  1. A strong messaging strategy
  2. A robust referral network
  3. A reliable way to close the sale

...which is exactly what we're offering.

Whether you get it from us, someone else, or DIY it, you need a system you can count on. 

($5K Value)

The Heck Yes Triple Threat

Why should you sign up for The Heck Yes Triple Threat Marketing System?

We'll coach you too!

Our insights are always
actionable and specific to the wedding industry.

No cookie cutter, unusable, generic advice here.


We're not going to hand you a course and say "good luck".

help you do the work so you can focus on building relationships, improve your craft, and have enough time for what you value most in life. 


The thing is...all of the above is A TON OF WORK.

Especially if you've never done it before and have to do it all by yourself.

And that's exactly where my team and I come in.


Indy pop Photography

Deco Reverie Studio

Christina Marie Photography

“Got on Justin Vineyard's Preferred Vendor List in Paso Robles.

I also booked 2 high-ticket weddings back to back!”

"I love my new brand identity. I was all over the place and now I'm crystal clear about who I want to work with.

Because of this, I just booked a wedding at my highest package!"

"On track to book $17K in January alone. And I have 25 inquiries in the queue right now.

Carissa, what did you do to me?!"

See what they say below

This is exactly what our clients love about us.

This is exactly what our clients love about us.



“Got on Justin Vineyard's Preferred Vendor List in Paso Robles.

I also booked 2 high-ticket weddings back to back!”


"I love my new brand identity. I was all over the place and now I'm crystal clear about who I want to work with.

Because of this, I just booked a wedding at my highest package!"


"On track to book $17K in January alone. And I have 25 inquiries in the queue right now.

Carissa, what did you do to me?!"

The Heck Yes Triple Threat is the perfect option for the wedding pro who is ready to generate 5-10 high-quality leads per month & start selling $5000 packages

Who is this intended for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! This is a Service (but as a bonus, you do get my podcast-style audio course ($495 value) at no extra cost😉)

Is this a course?

Nope. This is a service where we help you create an entire marketing system for you (but as a bonus, you'll get 2 private coaching calls too). 

Is this a coaching program?

  • Two (2) 45-Minute Calls (to be used within the 8 weeks of the program)
  • Private, one-on-one calls with Carissa

Bonus #1  Private coaching calls

In Addition, You'll Also Receive...


  • Get ready for 6 months of scroll-stopping content! You'll receive our exclusive Content Calendar Worksheet so you can "BECOME THE ONE" people can't stop referring. 
  • This strategy will help you convert followers into inquiries!


  • We'll put together 21 squares of magic that will transform your IG feed. 

Bonus #3  21 Squares of Magic

If for any reason you're now satisfied let us know within the first week, and we'll make it right! Your trust is of the utmost importance, and we want to ensure you have a positive experience.

Our Promise

7-day guarantee

Money Back Guarantee




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4 payments

payment plan



single payment

Get your ideal clients to say HECK YES to YOU


If you don't book The Triple Threat Marketing System, most likely, you'll be okay. But don't you want to be better than okay? Don't you want your wedding biz to make more money so you can pay your bills, go on vacations, and explore more possibility?

Because here's the thing. If you don't have consistent leads and don't know exactly how to close them, you don't have a business you can count on. And if that's the case you'll likely hold on to your 9-5 and feel trapped between two worlds. And worst of all, when all is said and done, you may always wonder what could have been. 

That's not where any of us want to be. So...what do you say?

Still thinking about it?

If you're on the fence...

xo, Carissa

Because most people will come up with reasons not to pursue something.

But unlike everyone else, you're looking for reasons to pursue, improve, and flourish.

You're looking for reasons to say HECK YES! Which means that no matter what, you're going to get there.

And like I've said before, there are many paths. Mine just happens to be perfect for wedding pros who are ready for 5-10 inquiries each month and need a strategy to get there quickly. 

And if the stars align, and you choose me to walk the path with you, just know you have 14+ year industry veteran in your back pocket whose success is tied directly to yours ❤️️

Ready to get started??

This tells me that you're not like most people.

Most people don't make it this far down the page.

Actual Inquiries. I get 10+ of these every single month!
Wireframed Homepage Copy 
This real couple ended up spending over $10k with me (no sleazy tactics! It's all about connection ❤️️)  
Done-For-You Homepage Copy (Wireframed)
  • Updated Brand Messaging and Brand Voice
  • List of Ownable Keywords
  • Clear Description of Services
  • Benefit-Driven Personal & Company Bio
  • Homepage Images Handpicked by Us

Done-For-You On-Brand Marketing Asset
  • Colorful PDF Brochure 
  • 10-15 Pages (depending on your content)
  • Impress venue managers and vendors and secure your spot on their lists across your city
  • Multi-Use! Can be sent directly to brides/couples. Our clients used this exact brochure to generate 10+ leads a month on social.

Done-For-You Custom Strategic Sales Deck
  • 10+ Page Deck
  • High-converting sales call script 
  • Establish expertise and emotionally connect with your couples
  • Helps to close them within 48 hours

Bonus #1: Two 45-Min Private Coaching Calls

Bonus #2:  Conversion-driven Content Calendar Worksheet that will produce 6 months of scroll-stopping content

Bonus #3:  21 squares of magic that will  transform your IG feed. You'll "Become the One" people can't stop referring.

Bonus #4 (NEW!!): One Full Year of Group Coaching with Carissa

Everything you get when you enroll in the HECK YES TRIPLE THREAT

Let's sum it up!

Beautiful PDF Brochure
Learning how to get bookable inquiries consistently and being able to masterfully close those inquiries are the fastest ways $10K months.

It might feel unreachable right now, but if you have talent, heart, and are willing to do what it takes, you can get there. And we'll be right there next to you ❤️️❤️️❤️️

It's hard. But not as hard as you think.

one more thing