A coaching program for wedding photographers who want a realistic, repeatable, and enjoyable way to attract and secure couples ready to pay $5K per package. 


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i need the next level

i need the next level

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Are you wondering why you’re not booking weddings consistently?

Or perhaps you’re only booking budget clients when what you really want are the couples who recognize your skills and are ready to spend $5K for their wedding photographs. 

Why aren’t these couples knocking at your door?

This is why...

During my 13 years as a wedding photographer, I began to see what separated the successful wedding photographers from the ones who struggled every day. 

Some trends come and go, but I’ve identified the 5 Biggest Issues that have remained true for over a decade.

My students can confidently answer "HECK TO THE YES!!!!" and that is exactly what I want for you. 

"The Detrimental Five"

I call them...

The photographers who come to me are typically struggling with these 5 issues:

Are you able to articulate your value and how your photography business is different from everyone else?  

Have you found your tribe?

Can your business thrive without spending hours creating trendy, new content all the time?

Do you have a sales strategy specific to closing couples? (FYI, closing wedding couples requires a very special emotional touch that cannot be taught by any old “sales guru” who has never worked a wedding in their life).

Do you know how to maximize the actual wedding day to expand your business?

Welcome to
The Heck Yes Method for Wedding Photographers

A 12-week 1:1 accelerated coaching program that takes on and crushes "The Detrimental Five".


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Before we go on, I want to pause here because I need you to know…

The cost for this program is a handsome 4 figures because that is the value I bring to the table. 

Coaching programs aren’t for everyone — and they certainly ain’t cheap.

Path #1: Do I keep going on my own, hoping I’ll figure it out?


Path #2: Do I seriously invest in myself and in a coach who can light the way?

And just like you, each of my brave students were in a tough place in their career when they needed to decide one of two things:

My students were beyond frustrated. 

They were considering packing it all up and closing this chapter of their lives forever. 

Hearing that was heartbreaking because it doesn’t have to be that way. It took a leap of faith, but my awesome students chose Path #2. And guess what?

✨ ✨ ✨
Within 6-12 months, they 8X'd their investment and are flourishing
✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

“I booked $25,000 immediately after Carissa’s coaching program.”

I couldn’t believe it. Are they really about to pay me this? Is this a joke? I thought about shutting my business down, and I was losing hope. I’m now finally excited about the future. 

Kyra Iverson
Founder, Kind Hearted Images

For those who choose Path #1, that’s okay 

For you, I suggest listening to my 5-Star Podcast: Get a Heck Yes with Carissa Woo. This entirely free resource can be a game-changer for you. Start here until you’re ready to step into Group 2. 

If you’re one of the few courageous, badass pioneers who chose Path #2...

...continue reading ahead.

It will launch you into a high ticket wedding photographer and will put you on the path to a 6 figure life. 

A 6 figure life means more than just money in your pocket

It means shooting fewer weddings, having the freedom to choose to work only with couples you love, and removing the nagging stress from your life caused by uncertainty.

This program will change the trajectory of your career

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“On track to book $17,000 in January alone!!"

And I have 25 inquiries in the queue right now. Carissa, what did you do to me?!

Danielle Trant
Founder, Indy Pop Photography

✨ 1:1 Coaching - 2 intensives, 45 min (beginning and end of program)

✨ 1:1 hot seats - 15 mins, once a week

✨ Video Vault (5 Pillars + additional resources)

✨ Done-for-you blog template and sales scripts (no other program offers this!!)

✨ Done-for-you brochure templates with your own branding (no other program offers this!!)

✨ Done-for-you Centerpiece Content template with your own branding (no other program offers this!!)

✨ Done-for-you email welcome sequence that you can edit to customize (no other program offers this!!)

Here’s everything you’re going to get when you sign up

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I confidently raised my rates by 50%.

Before working with Carissa, I had a hard time with pricing. Her live sales call was just pure GOLD. She gave me the confidence to work with high-end clients and seal deals. I still work hard, but I’ve also developed a much healthier mindset about my business and life.

- Joyce Choi
Founder, Joyce Choi Photography