What if you could,

Book more weddings at higher prices even if…

  • You haven't had a solid inquiry in months
  • Your portfolio is still "in the works"
  • You think you've hit your income ceiling a long time ago

 And the best part?

What if you can learn how to do it in just ONE hour?

i need the next level

i need the next level


“On track to book $17,000 in January alone!!"

And I have 25 inquiries in the queue right now. Carissa, what did you do to me?!

Danielle Trant
Founder, Indy Pop Photography

Dear wedding photographers...

Despite the fact that you...
  • Love weddings
  • Take beautiful photos
  • Launched your website
  • Hustle on social media
  • Spent a lotta $$$ on equipment, software, CRMs, and more...

You still struggle to book weddings and miss the mark on hitting the elusive six-figure income everyone else in the wedding industry seems to be enjoying.

Maybe you're still second-shooting or have another job so you can pay the bills.

Which probably means...

  • Money is always a problem
  • Your next gig is a big question mark
  • Your marketing is ONLY focused on social media
  • You keep offering free photoshoots to boost your portfolio
  • When you actually do get an inquiry, instead of feeling excited, you dread the conversation

And then the anxiety, frustration, and embarrassment start coursing through your veins because you courageously put yourself out there but not getting the results.

You're not alone.

I see you, and I get it.

There’s so much to do and so much noise.

And you already feel like you're doing all the things.

And then there's all the folks that keep saying, "YOU ARE ENOUGH" and yes that is very true, but let's be real -- we also need money.

And when you do all the things and your bank account has very little to show for it, it's discouraging as heck!
When you look back, you know you did a lot for your business.

Your passion for weddings is still there.

And all you really want to do is...

  • Escape the rat race
  • Build a reliable and consistent income
  • Carve out your life on your own terms

...and prove to your friends and family, and above all else, to yourself, that you have what it takes to do this.

You're not asking for the entire universe. What you want is actually very reasonable and totally doable. 

So...what exactly is happening in YOUR business? Where did things go wrong? Why do you not have this "very reasonable and totally doable" thing?

I have five solid ideas so let's explore together. 

#1 Not enough time
This is obvious. You have multiple jobs in your life making it hard to make time to come up with a legit plan. Just because something is achievable doesn't mean it will happen at random. You need to have a good plan and have discipline to follow through on those plans.

#2 TMI
Literally, TOO MUCH INFORMATION. It's hard to tell who to listen to, where to put your time and attention, and figure out what will really boost business, finances, and confidence.

#3 You can't duplicate your past success
When you don’t have a lot of time and you have waaaay too much information, chances are high that you don't know the best next step forward.

There are lots of ways to succeed, right? Of course!

But in any industry, there are the BIG things that will leapfrog you forward and there's the busywork. Too many people focus on the busywork which yield small results. Therefore, any results 1) tend to feel like luck or random chance which is not exactly empowering and 2) not repeatable.

The worst part is, the busywork often takes as much energy and time as the BIG things. And after doing what feels like so much and getting so little in return, many wedding pros reach a point in their business where they feel like they’ve maxed out.

#4 You think you can't afford education
When you don't have big payoff, you begin to wonder if it can be done at all. And because you've already spent a lot of money getting your business off the ground, you don't want to spend more $$$ until you get more business. So you hold off on investing in education, courses, or coaching because you don't feel like you've earned it.

#5 When you actually DO consider education, options don't fit your lifestyle
When you actually look into courses or education, you'll probably discover what I did -- all the programs out there require you to carve out hours upon hours of time-investment Unfortunately, sitting in front of a computer, distraction-free to go through a ton of "homework" just doesn't have a place in your life.

But what if there was a program that fit your lifestyle.

That fit your budget?

That told you exactly how to differentiate between the BIG things vs the busywork?

What if you knew TODAY, exactly where to focus your attention to gain the biggest results back?

And what if this information was accessible in terms of time, focus, and finances?

Hey there! I’m Carissa!

I'm an award-winning wedding photographer who's in love with love stories, and just between the two of us, I'm a a major course junkie 🤫

I mean, seriously, I've invested tens of thousands of dollars in coaches, programs, and courses.

Do I regret any of it? Heck to the no. It's how I built my six-figure business!

But to be 1000000% honest, all those things admittedly took a toll on my time, energy, and bank account.

As a busy mom on-the-go with an active social life, I realized if I were to start my business now, there is no way I would be able to do all those things.

And that’s why it’s become my mission to help modern photographers learn what I did, more conveniently and without handing over thousands and thousands of hours and dollars. 

That's why I hope you'll say "I do" to...

The listen-from-anywhere, podcast-style audio course for wedding photographers looking to get more inquiries, sales, and the confidence of knowing exactly where your next gig is coming from.

And the best part?

You can finish it up in as little as ONE HOUR
(okay, it’s 120 minutes, but listen on 2x speed and finish it in an hour!)

The Heck Yes! Method
to Book More Weddings

say no more, I'M IN

Danielle, IndyPop

Meet your fellow photographers scoring big wins

Danielle, IndyPop

Danielle, IndyPop

Focus on the BIG business-boosting activities
Say goodbye to that huge, overwhelming blob of info-clutter that never served you, places your focus on the small stuff, and gets in the way of money-making action.

Know exactly where your next inquiries are coming from
By implementing a repeatable inquiry-to-booking mechanism (that actually works), you'll never rely on a "lucky break" ever again.

Close sales within 48 hours
Never dread another sales call again! Instead, by using my sales call formula, you’ll feel so connected to the couple, the bride will often end up crying tears of joy {I’m not kidding about this – my brides always cry happy tears on the call, and it’s not because my prices are just right or my albums are perfect – it’s a real emotional connection that might surprise you}.

Enjoy social media again
Instead of posting & commenting and hoping & praying someone notices all your effort and pretty pictures, you'll learn how to masterfully utilize social media as an effective tool that actually brings in business.

Rake in leads at every wedding
You won't be too busy and flustered to work the room in just the right way without coming off as an opportunist.

After we take a walk down the aisle together...

You'll be able to:

“I booked $25,000 immediately after Carissa’s coaching program.”

I couldn’t believe it. Are they really about to pay me this? Is this a joke? I thought about shutting my business down, and I was losing hope. I’m now finally excited about the future. 

Kyra Iverson
Founder, Kind Hearted Images

In a nutshell, I took all my best material and condensed it down to a short 120 minutes.

 Each module ranges from 8 to 18 minutes long.

If you listen at 2x, the longest module takes less than 10 minutes!

Made for people like me who...

1) Don't have time
2) Just want the good stuff
3) Have a short attention span

And above all else, this course is made for those who know that taking action is what is important -- not all the tiny little details that clutter your mind, overwhelm you, and prevent you from doing the work.

Let's Do this!

Are you ready to learn in a fun, entertaining way like you're listening to your favorite podcast?

Well then! Let's dig into the modules to see what you're actually getting, shall we?

…you give them a reason to. In this module, you’ll learn how to strategically use brand values to your advantage and become an unforgettable photographer. I won’t just tell you the why and how – I’ll provide specific examples that you can use as inspiration.

Walk away with...
Solid brand values you can implement in your marketing right away.

Get an inside look at how I use Instagram as an effective, powerful networking tool that brings me business. I'll share how I use Instagram at every single wedding, the cadence of my posts, and my number 1 not-so-obvious tip on how to build real relationships on IG.

Walk away with...
Clear and achievable social media goals that help you get referrals and business (and not related to how many likes and followers you have).

“Got on 2 preferred vendor lists within 3 weeks!
I have clients coming to me, and more importantly, other industry professionals are acknowledging my worth and asking me to work with them."

- Kimberly Taylor
Founder, Ktay Photography

Being an illustrious member of Preferred Vendor Lists can singlehandedly transform your business -- if you do it right! Most photographers these days don’t it a priority so now is your opportunity to capitalize.

Walk away with…
Finding out whether paid lists are worth it.
How to pretty much guarantee a spot on the list
How to connect in the DMs
How to reach out before you reach out.
Magic words that open doors
How to build rapport
How to offer your value so your partners WANT to promote you without you asking

All in 16 short minutes (8 min if you listen on 2x speed 🙂)

Many wedding pros offer lead magnets (freebie in exchange for an email address), but I'm sure we've all seen the dime-a-dozen usual suspects like wedding timelines or posing tips. Those are okay, but none of these stand out or helps sales. In this module, I’ll provide other great options that couples love to download, packs in huge value, and sells for you.

Walk away with…
Better freebie ideas as well as plug-and-play templates that you can crank out in a single day (both copy and design + a simple 3-email welcome sequence) 

Wedding pros are lucky. We have endless content for Instagram. I’ll share best practices so you can get the most out of your photographs and teach you my secret tips on how to up your game and wow the crowd.

Save time with this short 10-min screening call that will help you determine whether or not a prospect has the potential to turn into an ideal client so you don’t spend 30-60 min on a prospect who was never gonna book.

If you determine your prospect is a good fit, you’ll learn how to make a very positive first impression in a super short time and to tee yourself up to ensure you get a HECK YES during the actual sales call.

Walk away with...
My exact process on what to do and say before this call, an understanding of why 10 min is the right amount of time, example questions and topics of discussion to build rapport, and how to find out about your client’s budget (and what to say once they tell you!).

Sales calls used to freak me out and made me want to run away and hide. Not anymore. I’ll show you how to get your client to sell you to themselves, how to avoid that awkward silence after you talk about pricing, how to end the call with happy tears, and the secret to get your couple to book within 48 hours.

Walk away with…
Clear process of how to lead the call without talking too much, how to bring in your brand values to increase your appeal, the best questions to ask when closing your call, and exactly what to do if they’re not ready to book. BONUS: A personal, embarrassing story of what NOT to do. 

Once you close your client, you’ll want to ensure you nail it on the wedding day. In this module, I’ll share my secret sauce on how to make your couple feel so happy, secure, and less stressed, they’ll start referring you to others even before you take a single photo. This call will help you never miss a shot, impress the wedding party, and get referrals on the spot. 

Walk away with…
How to set the tone so you don’t get bossed around by "well-meaning" family members, simple things you can do to connect with the wedding party, and what exactly to do to ensure family photos go smoothly.

In this module, you’ll learn all about the TINY details I pay attention to during the wedding day which has led to guests giving me referrals and even booking me on the spot. If that has never happened to you, get ready. It’s exhilarating, fulfilling, and energizes you in ways you can’t imagine.

Walk away with…
 a clear idea of who you should speak with before and during the wedding (don’t miss this opportunity!), how to work cocktail hour in a friendly, memorable way, continue to connect and win the hearts of the wedding party, and what you absolutely need to do at the end of the wedding (20 min before you leave), even if you’re tired as heck.


At the end of the day, learning how to get bookable inquiries on autopilot and being able to masterfully close those inquiries are the fastest ways book more weddings.
I'm currently on 9 vendor lists throughout Southern California.

So ya, it works.

My new course goes through everything I've done to get to this point

And let me repeat...

You can learn my entire system in just an hour... on the go... in your car, in the shower, while you wait for your kids to finish ballet, and in line at the grocery store.

okay, let's do this

So not only will you receive an entire immersive curriculum to uplevel your wedding photography business...

You'll get the exact words I use to close high-ticket packages, my questionnaire that'll get you referrals even before you take a single photo, what to say in your welcome emails, and templates to digital products that have WOWED clients, vendors, and venues.
And to ensure it works, I'm going to provide some awesome bonuses usually reserved for my 1:1 coaching program that costs $3K.

Private 1:1 45-min Coaching Call with Carissa (only if you purchase before xxx date) (Value $500)

  • Ultimate Questionnaire Template (Value: $250)

  • Master the Dreaded Sales Call Script (Value: $250)

  • Email Sequence to Nurture Couples Not Yet Ready to Book ($450)

  • Beautiful Brochure Canva Template ($95)

  • Lead Magnet Templates (Google Doc for Copy and Canva Template for Design) + Video Walkthrough ($1000)

  • to ALL FUTURE Modules, Info, and Q&A Recordings

  • Send ANY question about weddings to Carissa (3 questions per month for 3 months) (Value $500)

enroll today

"I broke six-figures."

Without this program, I would still be struggling in my dead-end 9-5. If you’re on the fence, just jump in and do it. 

- Lisa Jovicic
Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer, Lisa Marie Photographie

10 short, podcast-style audio modules (Value $1700)

Private 1:1 45-min Coaching Call with Carissa
Only if you purchase within the first week of launch (Value $500)

  • Ultimate Questionnaire Template (Value: $250)
  • Master the Dreaded Sales Call Script (Value: $250)
  • Email Sequence to Nurture Couples Not-Yet-Ready-to-Book ($450)
  • Beautiful Brochure Canva Template ($95)
  • Lead Magnet Templates (Google Doc for Copy and Canva Template for Design) + Video Walkthrough ($1000)

Lifetime Access
To ALL FUTURE Modules, Info, and Q&A Recordings ($500+)

Monthly Q&A
Send ANY question about weddings to Carissa (3 questions per month for 3 months) (Value $500)

Price will go up to $997 in July 2023

So...how much does this all cost?

The Heck Yes! Method to Book More Weddings is not the cheapest option. But it's a program that I know you'll go enjoy and actually go through.

But let's take a step back for a sec so I can explain exactly what you'll be getting when you enroll:

you've said enough, i'm in

Limited Time Price: $2,900

“Got on 2 preferred vendor lists within 3 weeks!”

Before Carissa’s program, I was shooting weddings for basically free. And I STILL had to haggle, show them my value, and defend my prices. Now I have clients coming to me, and more importantly, other industry professionals are acknowledging my worth and asking me to work with them.

- Kimberly Taylor
Founder, Ktay Photography

  • You are a wedding photographer who has a goal of making six-figures

  • You're getting leads - just not consistently and finally ready to focus on the areas of your business that will make the biggest difference, in the shortest amount of time (and be able to consume that info on the go)

  • Your photos are solid, you follow all the right people, but tend to hold yourself back because you don’t want to bother people or come across as annoying.

  • You are already spending 1 hour a day hunting for leads via social media, past clients, and current network. 

Let’s make sure you’re in the perfect spot to actually get real results inside The Heck Yes Method to Book More Weddings

If that sounds like you, and you want the path to a six-figure business in the shortest amount of time possible and be able to consume that info while on the go, you're in the right place.

Because once you go through the course, you'll be able to...

  • Boost confidence
  • Score leads at every wedding
  • Attract the type of client you want more of)
  • Learn to close sales calls (never dread a call again)
  • Build an reliable system where inquiries fill your inbox
  • Stop trying to fit in all the thing you hear on Instagram or TikTok

The Heck Yes Promise

You’re here because just like me, you love capturing beautiful love stories and are committed to giving your business an honest shot.

You’ve already done a lot of work, and you no longer want to figure it all out on your own.

You want to focus on the right things that will move your business forward, and you need the information easily accessible from anywhere since you just don’t have time to sit in front of a computer for hours.

And I know this program delivers exactly that.

When you claim your spot in The Heck Yes Method to Book More Weddings, my promise is to provide you with only the best information you need to get the inquiries rolling in, what to do to close all the new inquiries coming your way, and a way to capitalize on that momentum to land even more bookings.

My brand is built on generous sharing of information, no fluff, and total respect for your time – you have my word that that’s exactly what you can expect. 

So who the heck is this Heck Yes lady anyway?!

Thanks for asking!

Most people know me as
Carissa Woo of Award Winning Photography Studio,
Carissa Woo Photography.

I'm also a...

Wifey, mom of two, pops of color Los Angeles wedding photographer, 5-star podcast host, author, and the very proud voice behind my program, The Heck Yes! Method to Book More Weddings.
Relationships + Information.

Because I want to be clear – there are actions that MOVE MOUNTAINS for your business, and there’s busywork that'll move you an inch.

And the thing is, you don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars like I did. And even better, you don’t have to sit in front of the computer for hours at a time.

As someone who spent tons of cash and time (not to mention all the anxiety, stress, and fear of rejection that came with putting myself out there), to someone who transformed my fledgling photography idea into a six-figure award-winning business and became known in my city as a booked out wedding photographer, I am determined to create this rewarding experience for other ambitious photographers who want the same but don't have thousands to spend or a ton of time. 

enroll now

Within my first year as a wedding photographer, I booked 80 weddings by focusing on 2 things:

Those were my priorities.

So trekked to bridal shows, networking events, industry events, and bought 10s of thousands of dollars worth of courses, coaching programs, and masterminds.

And in doing so, I've learned some very important, core, evergreen principles of the wedding business that remain true today.

These are the principles on which I built my six figure business and changed the trajectory of my career

I haven't "hunted" for clients in over 7 years which illustrates how well my methods work to save me time and make me money even after all these years.

And this is exactly what I want to share with you. 


I haven’t been able to get results before - why would this be different?

I believe when you’re dedicated to learning, all the different things you’ve exposed yourself to is fantastic. So any program you’ve taken up until now is actually a great stepping stone.

The wedding industry is a very unique industry, and it’s important to know the difference between a wedding biz and a non wedding biz. Someone who has never been in our industry unfortunately does not understand the subtle differences and nuances.

Furthermore, the mix of my information is from a pre-social media era combined with our modern-day tech heavy world. So you’re getting the best of the old that still continues to work as well as the new info that can move mountains for your business.

Lastly, my course is so short that you’ll actually listen to it all. Many people purchase courses or books but barely have the time to get through them, much less implement their learnings. My course is packed with the critical info you need to uplevel your business and will give you industry-specific ideas on exactly how to get more inquiries on autopilot, close those leads up to 90% of the time, and continue to get more.

What kind of support will I get if I’m stuck?

Anyone who purchases this course will be able to ask me 3 questions per month. You can email me and I’ll respond back in audio form, exactly how the course is set up. I share all the Q&As with everyone in the program so you can hear other questions and answers from everyone else.

Do I need to have shot at multiple weddings before this can help me?

It’ll definitely help if you have photographed professionally already. That being said, we all start somewhere, and the information in this course will help a new photographer set an impenetrable foundation for their business. Whether you’re a first year photographer or a photographer going at it for the 10th year, most of the information in the course is evergreen and teaches core principles that have worked for me in during my 13 years as a wedding photographer.

When can I expect when I join?

You can start today! The program is open, self-paced, and I promise you -- you can complete the entire course in a day.

Why should I join now and not another time?

Great question! Well, first of all, one of the big perks of joining within the first few days of launch is that you’ll get a 1:1 coaching session with me ($500 value). If you don’t want to do the session live, you can send me your questions and I’ll get back to you via audio and you can listen to them on your own time.

Second, the fact that you are here, reading this very long sales page is proof that you are looking for help. If you put it off today, chances are you'll put it off tomorrow and then the next day, and suddenly, a year has gone by but nothing has changed. This is not the future we want for ourselves.

Like I said, you don't have to choose me, but there is no other course on the market that provides the information I do in a succinct, on-the-go format.

I’m not techy, will I be able to figure out how to listen to the course?

For sure! You can listen from the Hiro app or from Apple or Google podcasts. Once you purchase the course, you’ll get specific instructions on how to access the course. The best part is that once you have the course, the information is so fun, easy to listen to, you can go through it multiple times to help keep you on track.

I’m on board but my spouse is not.

I totally understand, and I would never want this course to be a source of contention between you and your partner.

As a photographer for 13 years who has actually built a business where I am getting 12-15 inquiries a month (on autopilot), know that you only need to get 1 booking to more than cover the cost of this course. Especially if you purchase the course within the first few days of launch. If you take an hour or two to listen to the course, do the action items, ask questions, and really implement, there's just no way you won't get more inquiries.

I want to purchase but I’m just not there yet

Yesssss. I know the feeling of being so ready and not being able to pull the trigger because of fear, concern it’s not going to work, or that the program is just not the right fit. But if you do pull the trigger, know that in 2 hours, you will know what to do, where to put your focus and time, and you'll no longer waste any more time or energy into areas that don’t move mountains.

How long do I have access for?

Yours for life. Not only that, you'll automatically have access to any NEW content I create or questions I answer for future students. You'll continue to get the most up to date information without paying an additional cent. 

“Booked out for the rest of 2022.”

Before working with Carissa, I had a hard time with pricing. Her live sales call was just pure GOLD. She gave me the confidence to work with high-end clients and seal deals. I confidently raised my rates by 50%, and I'm booked out for the year.

- Joyce Choi
Founder, Joyce Choi Photography

Being able to charge $4000 to $5000 per package regularly is kind of life changing.

In addition to establishing stability in your lifestyle and being in control of your income, you'll create working hours that align with your goals and your personal life.

You will no longer have to take every single job if you have a bad feeling about it, and you'll get off the non-stop content.

Maybe you'll be like my student Danielle who is now renovating her new Colorado home, welcomed her mom into her business, and take the vacations she so deserves. 
If you join me now, in 2 hours or less, you’ll have alllllll the info to that can help you double or triple your money back in a single booking.

So here's to saving time:
  • Less time freaking out
  • Less time wondering what you should do next
  • Less time worrying about when your next inquiry is coming in
  • Less time on sales calls
  • Less time on social media


“Booked $9,000 in 3 weeks.”

Within a few weeks of joining Carissa's coaching program, I‘ve been getting great leads, already booked 3 weddings, and raised my prices by $1000 🤯

- Bela Freire
Founder, Bela Freire Photography

10 short, podcast-style audio modules (Value $1700)

Private 1:1 45-min Coaching Call with Carissa
Only if you purchase within the first week of launch (Value $500)

  • Ultimate Questionnaire Template (Value: $250)
  • Master the Dreaded Sales Call Script (Value: $250)
  • Email Sequence to Nurture Couples Not-Yet-Ready-to-Book ($450)
  • Beautiful Brochure Canva Template ($95)
  • Lead Magnet Templates (Google Doc for Copy and Canva Template for Design) + Video Walkthrough ($1000)

Lifetime Access
To ALL FUTURE Modules, Info, and Q&A Recordings ($500+)

Monthly Q&A
Send ANY question about weddings to Carissa (3 questions per month for 3 months) (Value $500)

Price will go up to $3,500 in July 2023

The Heck Yes! Method to Book More Weddings

you've said enough, i'm in

Limited Time Price: $2,900

One last recap of what you get when you join

Most people don't make it this far down the page.

This tells me that you're not like most people.

Most people will come up with reasons not to pursue something, but unlike everyone else, you're looking for reasons to pursue, improve, and flourish.

You're looking for reasons to say HECK YES!

Which means that no matter what, you're going to get there.

And like I've been saying from the start, there are many paths. Mine just happens to be fast, convenient, actionable, and perfect for the folks on the go.

And if the stars align, and you choose the path, just know you have 13+ years and thousands of dollars in ongoing education in your back pocket.

Ready to get started??


you've said enough, i'm in