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Learn a pro wedding photographer's tips for build an outstanding portfolio and earning six figures in just 6 months! Includes the Ultimate Wedding Questionnaire that earns you instant credibility and allows you to charge more, not less!

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I’m a hopeless romantic who has made my love for love stories into a successful career. As an award-winning wedding photographer turned business coach, I help serious photographers go from “feeling stuck” to “six-figure industry leader”.

If you’re here, this must be something you’ve been dreaming of, and I am living proof that building a flourishing photography business you love is possible and possible FAST. 

I'm Carissa Woo.

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I booked $25,000 immediately after Carissa’s coaching program.

"I was blown away. I couldn’t believe it. Are they really about to pay me this? Is this a joke? But this was real. I’m finally getting what I’m worth. I’m not stuck in a rut or burning out anymore. I thought about shutting my business down, and I was losing hope. For the first time in so long, I’m excited about the future."

- Kyra Iverson
Founder, Kind Hearted Images

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In this podcast, I will deep dive into how top wedding creatives get that 'heck yes' from their dream clients. Some healthy hustle, mindset shifts, up-leveling your money story, time hacks because I'm a mom of 2, a little bit of woo woo, and most important, self-love and confidence are just a few of the many things we will talk about.

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Our mission is to help wedding pros thrive in this saturated market and put the ball back in your court. We want you to get the respect you deserve and make the money you deserve. We want your messaging to be so clear that your dream clients say "HECK YES" to hiring you. When working with us, it's an honor to share that we have partnered with Bresee LA, a non profit for 8 years that gives families in need, photos and a lifetime of memories. 

Our Mission