If you’re here, this must be something you’ve been dreaming of, and I am living proof that building a flourishing photography business you love is possible and possible FAST. 

You may have felt you were destined for bigger things. Maybe you have overcome challenges in your own life, given up the “security” of a traditional job, and took a chance on yourself. 

I’m not going to lie—a six-figure business is great. But as cliche as it sounds, it also takes hard work, commitment, and focus. And damn right, it’s something worth fighting for.

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Hey photog

A few things about me

I have shot 200 weddings in destinations spanning the globe, including Paris, Hawaii, and Thailand

I am a wedding photographer based in Gardena, California. Inspired by vibrant colors and romantic imagery.

My favorite drink is shaken espresso with soy milk.

I've been through it all. I was the awkward girl that didn't know how to ask for what she wanted. I would cry after meetings because it went south. I know what it's like to not know what to say. I have overcome so many obstacles so I can relate.

“Life is hard, but it’s also crazy-beautiful. Fight for your best life. You deserve it.”
- Carmen Rodrigues

It wasn't always like this for me—I have been where you are.

Carissa Woo 
Owner, Photographer, Mentor, Podcast Host & Educator

 Copywriter and Facebook Ads Pro, Unicorn

Brand designer, operations

Sales Manager

Meet the Dream Team

I broke six-figures.

If you’re on the fence, just jump in and do it. It will be the best investment for you and your business. Without this program, I would still be struggling in my dead-end 9-5. Carissa was SO generous with her knowledge, and she gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams. 

- Lisa Jovicic
Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer, Lisa Marie Photographie

more about the program

Let me upgrade ya

If you could build a six-figure wedding photography business—so you can confidently quit your 9-5 knowing you’ll never have to worry about payday again, be fully there for clients who you love, and blossom into the badass boss you were always meant to be… And by doing so, would you be ready to show up and go all out to have more energy, increase flexibility with your schedule, feel more aligned with your purpose, and gain longevity in your business?