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Episode 132 – Stop copying and be true to yourself – Malisa Creativeamme


April 10, 2024

Happy Woo Wednesdays!

I have my friend Malisa Durongphant from Creativeamme in the Get a HECK YES house. She is the leader in the industry with Event Branded Signage (custom laser cut / viny / Engaged pieces for a cause

A husband and wife duo who left their careers to pursue their dreams. Named their business after their daughter Emma. Malisa reminds us to focus on you and know that there are people watching you, you never know who you’re inspiring. She says work hard – build your own brand that represents you – let your work speak for itself.

Hot topic: Stay True to yourself

Never give up

Focus on you and YOUR art

Draw inspiration but don’t steal art from others

Take the copy cats as flattery

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