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How to Use your iphone to take better videos


March 7, 2024

I have Sav in the Get a HECK YES house, the girl behind the phone! She’s  been filming weddings on her iPhone since 2019, and now is teaching others how to use the powerful camera they already have in their back pocket! 

Sav hopes to  encourage you to start with what they have so you don’t have to have the latest and greatest of everything for your gear kit in a world of commercialism and consumerism 🤍 You are the magic behind your work, NOT your gear

Hot topic: Worrying more about gear than telling your client’s story does them a disservice.
1. A skilled filmmaker who understands light, story, composition, color etc can take even the cheapest or most outdated equipment and still work with it.
2. Storytelling will stand the test of time and will be what moves your clients to show their film to the children, grandchildren, etc, and a big part of storytelling is audio. I integrate high quality audio with my films.
3. Gear is just a tool. The meat of what matters in your work and business is how well you serve your clients, listen to and meet their needs, and give them an heirloom that will last generations.

They can get my ‘Shot on iPhone Course for beginners’ for $5 until the end of 2024! We will do code “WooPod”





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