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Wedding Content Creators: Myths & Truths


March 7, 2024

Happy Woo Wednesdays!

Do you know what a wedding content creator is? Honestly I didn’t even know what they did until a couple months ago. In the next couple of years, I think most couples will want to hire one. I met Vivian from a mutual photographer friend and we have become besties. She came to one of my weddings and directed better than me. I was truly impressed. She make amazing video content at weddings with her phone, and edits multiple videos by the end of the night. She also helps small business win in the IG game.

Hot Topic

Wedding Content Creators: Myths & Truths

• Wedding content creators are not professional photographers or videographers: provide candid/bts footage/short form in nature/”missed” moments

• Longevity in the industry: here to stay

• Not just for influencers: for the memories (allows family and friends to enjoy event); for business owners (can use content as marketing materials)

Vivian is a wedding & event content creator based in Los Angeles, CA. She started her business after her group of best friends and herself all got married within the same year and she became the resident “content taker”. She realized she uncovered an opportunity to blend her passion for social media and celebrating love stories together through her content creation business. She’s so excited to speak with Carissa Woo on her podcast and speak all things weddings and small businesses!

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Inquiry Form: forms.gle/jNzGqPxATyCxbRs69

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